Pets on Peaks Property

Good Day Owners,

It has come to the attention of the board by owners and our Landscaping company that pets are being chained to the common property, trees or spikes are being put into the grass outside of their balconies/patios for pets to run freely. This needs to stop immediately or fines will be levied to owners. The grass is being damaged and the feces is making a mess on our landscaping company’s equipment. Please see below the bylaw and rules of conduct.

(4) An owner, tenant or occupant must not keep any pets on a strata lot other than one or more of the following: a reasonable number of fish or other small aquarium animals; a reasonable number of small caged mammals; up to 2 caged birds; one dog or one cat; which numbers may be increased with written approval of the Strata Council, and provided that the Strata Council may at any time, in writing, require the removal of any pet which is permitted by this By-Law or by any additional written approval, if, in the opinion of the Strata Council, the pet is a nuisance or is causing an annoyance to others. Upon receipt of such notice, such pet shall be removed forthwith from the Strata Lot.

  1. It is the owners responsibility to ensure the bylaw and rules of conduct are followed by all family, visitors, guests and renters.
  2. Pets of family, visitors, guests and renters must be made aware of the bylaw and rules of conduct and are allowed on site with the owner’s permission only.
  3. Pets must be fully supervised and on leash in all common areas.
  4. Dogs must be taken to the designated relief area west of the west garbage building.
  5. Pet owners must clean up fecal matter deposited by their pets anywhere on the property or the designated relief area.


Strata NES2402 Corp (The Peaks)