Help needed to find the culprits. Warning: some may find the picture offensive.

Hello fellow Peaks Owners over the weekend we had a distressing occurrence happen in one of our buildings between Friday night August 27 and Saturday August 28, 2021 a human/dog defecated in the stairwell of the Birch building. 

How does this happen? 

Who is responsible? Help us find the culprits.

We would like your help to identify the culprits and prevent anything like this happening again.

If any one has information about people seen in the vicinity of the Birch Stairwell on Friday night August 27 or Saturday August 28 let us know at your information will be kept in confidence. 

Also should anyone see anything suspicious or people or animals damaging our property at any time let the Peaks Board know. If we all help care for the complex it will be a better place to live and vacation at.

Thank You 


Strata NES2402 Corp (The Peaks)

Hunter Fire Protection Services on site 10th & 11th September 2021

On Friday September 10, in the afternoon, we will be testing the fire alarm signal devices, with full alarms sounding.  We need to gain access to each residence to test the fire and signal devices, as required by the BC Fire Code, and the insurance underwriters.   If you are not planning to be in your suite on this day, please arrange with the property manager to provide access to your suite.   If you are home and have silenced the suite horn, please step into the hallway to confirm with us. 

Saturday September 11, we are conducting an inspection and test of the fire alarm system life-safety system in this building.  All of the testing will be silent, beginning around 8:00 am.

Please be aware that there will be periods of time without fire detection.  This should not be an indication to evacuate. 

This is a very important test and ensures your safety in the event of a fire.  The inspection testing is a mandatory requirement by the fire commissioner’s office, for the BC Fire Code.      

If you are home, it is important that you silence the in-suite buzzer when the signals begin.

Also On Friday afternoon, September 10, we are conducting an inspection test of the domestic water backflow device, in compliance with BCWWA and the local purveyor.  The water will be shut off briefly (up to ½ hour in each building) from about 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm.

We appreciate your cooperation to assist us to complete this important service. 

Poplar Garage Door Broken

Good Day,
Please be advised that the Poplar garage door is broken and will not open and close with remotes. Please move all vehicles to the outside parking area as soon as possible. 

Universal Doors will be on site tomorrow or Monday at the latest to replace the system.

Thank you,
Sincerely,Strata NES2402 Corp (The Peaks)