Poplar Elevator Repair Update

An update from the elevator service provider indicates the part is in transit to the technician and, hopefully, the repair can be completed mid next week.  In the meantime the elevator will continue to function intermittently with an unpredictable schedule, as we try our best to keep it operating.  Thank you for your patience.

Your Garage Door Remote May Not Work

If attempting to enter the Poplar building garage you may find your remote does not activate the door.  The issue should be limited to gray Manaras remotes, black Liftmaster remotes should still activate the door.  The door still functions by way of the control buttons on the inside wall, please enter the garage with your entrance key and use these controls until a repair is made. The source of the issue is failure of the Manaras transmitter.  A replacement is being sourced.  Please do not deactivate the door in the ‘up’ position, this compromises the security of the garage.  Thank you for your understanding.