AGM Package Available

The information package for the AGM taking place on March 30, 2019 is now available for download from the Owner Info area of the website.

If you have consented to receive records from the Strata Corp via email, you should have received the package attached to an email from  If you did not consent to receive records from the Strata Corp via email, per requirements of the BC Strata Property Act the package has been mailed to the address we have on record for you.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

AGM Scheduled

Please note the Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for March 30, 2019 with proceedings beginning at 9:00AM.

The information package will be distributed as soon as possible.  If you have provided  consent to email, the package will be delivered to you in that manner.  If you have have not provided consent to email the package will be mailed to the address we have on file as required by the BC Strata Property Act.  To provide consent to email, complete a Email Delivery Consent form and submit it to us.

If you cannot attend the meeting in person consider appointing a proxy, download the form by clicking here.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Vehicles, trailers and such must be removed from the lot to the west of the property.

Due to a complaint received and subsequent order by the Village of Radium Hot Springs all vehicles, trailers and other items must be removed from the land west of our west garbage building.

The land west of the landscaped boundary of The Peaks property does not belong to the Peaks or the Village, but to Canfor.  Over time the area has accumulated vehicles, trailers and other items being stored/parked long-term.  The complaint required The Village to reviewed the situation with the property Owner (Canfor), and with consideration to the land not being zoned for vehicle storage and being a right-of way/road to access a fire fighting water reservoir the decision was made that the property must be vacated/cleaned up by April 30th.

Items not removed risk being towed/removed at the risk and expense of their Owner.

Canfor is not opposed to continuing to allow dog walking on the property, understanding that it will be treated with respect and pet waste will be collected and removed by pet owners.

Be Aware of Conditions In The Parking Garages

Just a reminder that the possibility exists that issues with water seepage into the parking garages may occur/return.

We recommend your take measures to protect anything you may be storing in the parking garage from exposure to moisture/water, in particular in the area along the foundation wall and about 5 feet back from it.

A permanent fix to this situation is a priority, but the solution is going to take some time to develop and implement.  In the meantime, to mitigate the issue we will continue to do our best to keep snow from accumulating on the ledge that is exposed around the perimeter of the buildings.

Remember, the parking garage is essentially no different than the unfinished basement or garage of any house.  Moisture, dirt, dust and exhaust fumes are not uncommon so use it with an appropriate level caution.

Thank your for your understanding!