AGM Scheduled

Please note the Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for March 30, 2019 with proceedings beginning at 9:00AM.

The information package will be distributed as soon as possible.  If you have provided  consent to email, the package will be delivered to you in that manner.  If you have have not provided consent to email the package will be mailed to the address we have on file as required by the BC Strata Property Act.  To provide consent to email, complete a Email Delivery Consent form and submit it to us.

If you cannot attend the meeting in person consider appointing a proxy, download the form by clicking here.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Carpet Cleaning Rescheduled: Birch Building

Carpet cleaning for all common areas will begin in Birch building is scheduled for November 27th, 2018.  If all areas cannot be completed that day the remainder will be done the following day.  A “low moisture” process will be used which is expected to dry in about an hour.  Sorry for any disturbance this causes, thank you for your understanding.

Tree Removal Work

Today tree removal work is scheduled to take place on site, specifically in the area southeast of Birch building where a tree that has split up the middle of it’s trunk will be taken down.  Before making the decision to remove the tree, the condition of it was reviewed with a certified Arborist.  In addition, while the crew is on site with appropriate equipment they will remove a large branch/tree top that is tangled in a group of trees at the far west end of the property.  Work should take approximately 2 hours to complete.  We apologize for the short notice, we only received confirmation the work would be carried out this morning.