New Access Controls For Birch Garage Door

Access controls for the recently installed new garage door for Birch building are now functioning.  To enter, key in your access code followed by # to open the door.  To exit, simply approach the door and it will automatically open.

Thank you for your patience while this work was carried out.

Access codes were sent out mid-November.  If you have not received yours, consider providing us consent to email notices and records to receive it in that manner.  The consent form can be found in public info section of this website.

Be Aware of Conditions In The Parking Garages

Just a reminder that the possibility exists that issues with water seepage into the parking garages may occur/return.

We recommend your take measures to protect anything you may be storing in the parking garage from exposure to moisture/water, in particular in the area along the foundation wall and about 5 feet back from it.

A permanent fix to this situation is a priority, but the solution is going to take some time to develop and implement.  In the meantime, to mitigate the issue we will continue to do our best to keep snow from accumulating on the ledge that is exposed around the perimeter of the buildings.

Remember, the parking garage is essentially no different than the unfinished basement or garage of any house.  Moisture, dirt, dust and exhaust fumes are not uncommon so use it with an appropriate level caution.

Thank your for your understanding!