Conditions in the Parking Garages

With the recent snow fall on Friday we want to remind everyone that the possibility exists that issues with water seepage into the parking garages may occur/return.

We recommend your take measures to protect anything you may be storing in the parking garage from exposure to moisture/water, in particular in the area along the foundation wall and about 5 feet back from it.

A permanent fix to this situation is a priority, but the solution is going to take some time to develop and implement.  In the meantime, to mitigate the issue we will continue to do our best to keep snow from accumulating on the ledge that is exposed around the perimeter of the buildings.

Remember, the parking garage is essentially no different than the unfinished basement or garage of any house.  Moisture, dirt, dust and exhaust fumes are not uncommon so use it with an appropriate level caution.

Thank your for your understanding!

Hot tub Closure Outdoor Sunday December 1st & Indoor Hot tub Monday December 2nd

Please be advised that the Strata will be closing the Outdoor Hot Tub on Sunday December 1st for one day and the Indoor hot tub on Monday December 2nd for one day. This temporary closure is so that the Strata can install anti-slip tape on the steps to assist in prevention of owners/tenants/visitors accidentally slipping into the hot tubs. In order to minimize the impact to owners the Strata has decided to close one hot tub at a time.

Eavestrough Remediation Project – Commence Thursday Nov 28

Work on the eavesthrough is scheduled to commence this Thursday November 28, 2019 to eliminate design issues that have caused and are causing some damage to building walls and some decks. Weather permitting the work should be completed in the next two weeks.

Please use caution and care during this time to ensure the safety of everyone.


The Volunteer Maintenance Committee and the Strata NES 2402 Corp