Short Term Rental (STR) Reminder

This is a reminder to all owners that the Village of Radium Hot Springs requires any owner operating a Short-Term Rental (STR) unit to first obtain a STR Business Licence from the Village.  For strata units, the village requires strata board approval for that unit before the licence can be issued.  In addition, STR Business Licences are only valid for one fiscal/calendar year, from January 01, or whenever the licence is issued, till December 31, each year.  As well, the Village requires strata boards to give their approval for any renewals of licences from the previous year.

Our Strata’s STR application form, indemnity letter and a copy of the Village’s STR Policy can now be found for download on the Owners’ Info area of our website.  To apply for a new business licence, or to reapply for a renewal, please download, complete, and submit the Strata’s application form & indemnity letter, along with a copy of your current insurance policy covering both STR operation and our Strata’s $50,000 deductible.

The Strata also requires reusable links to all your unit’s ads on AirBnb, VRBO, and/or any other sites by you and/or your property manager.  This is to allow the Strata to check that ads clearly state the STR Business Licence number, guest limitations (interpreted by the Village as two adults plus children per legal bedroom), and that no pets are allowed, as per the Village’s and our Strata’s bylaws.  Board approval cannot be given until all the above documents and links have been provided.

Any Peaks’ owner found to be advertising for or operating a STR unit without the required licence after January 31, 2023 will have a formal complaint made to the Village about this.  The Village’s bylaws allow fines of $10,000 for operating a STR unit without a licence.

The Village’s STR Business Licence Application and Bylaws can be found here:

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