Notice of Scheduled Power Outage Friday May 24, 2019

Outage Date:  Friday, May 24, 2019

Time:  12:00AM to 6:00AM (MDT) (Overnight Outage)

Locations:  4763, 4765, 4767, and 4769 Forsters Landing, Radium Hot Springs

Please Note: This outage will affect elevators, parkades, gate entrances and exits, etc.

To prepare for this interruption and protect equipment from damage, turn off all lights, electric heaters and major appliances and unplug all electronics.

Please contact BC Hydro customer service team at 604-224-9376 or 1-800-BCHYDRO with any questions or concerns you may have about this outage.

Thanks very much for your time and assistance,

Condo Fee Increase in effect May 1, 2019

At the March 30, 2019 Annual General Meeting of The Owners – Strata Plan NES2402, the Fiscal Year 2020 (Feb 1, 2019 – Jan 31,2020) annual budget was passed as presented along with the resulting strata fees for the year. Please check out the 2019 AGM package on the Owner Info page for strata fee increases.

This increase will be effective May 1, 2019. All pre-authorized payment amounts will be updated and withdrawn from your specified accounts as of that date.


Peaks Board Strata NES2402

LAST CHANCE: Vehicles, trailers and such must be removed from the lot to the west of the property.

Due to a complaint received and subsequent order by the Village of Radium Hot Springs all vehicles, trailers and other items must be removed from the land west of our west garbage building.

The land west of the landscaped boundary of The Peaks property does not belong to the Peaks or the Village, but to Canfor.  Over time the area has accumulated vehicles, trailers and other items being stored/parked long-term.  The complaint required The Village to reviewed the situation with the property Owner (Canfor), and with consideration to the land not being zoned for vehicle storage and being a right-of way/road to access a fire fighting water reservoir the decision was made that the property must be vacated/cleaned up by April 30th.

Items not removed risk being towed/removed at the risk and expense of their Owner.

Canfor is not opposed to continuing to allow dog walking on the property, understanding that it will be treated with respect and pet waste will be collected and removed by pet owners.