Reminder Balconies/Common Property

Good Day,

Now that balcony season is upon us again, just a reminder of the rules reference strata common property.

Decks and balconies are classified as common property for the exclusive use of the owner/tenant/occupant.

By damaging the outer envelope of the building it can lead to unforeseen damages such as mold, rot and early replacement of common property.

Revised Bylaw 2019: 

(7) An owner, tenant or occupant must not alter or deface the external appearance of a Strata lot or any premises theron or the common property, this includes decks and balconies adjoining Strata lots.

Items that are permitted on decks and balconies:

1.       Patio furniture that is intended for outdoor use only, a bench style deck box (neutral colour).

2.       Barbeques can be electric or propane. They shall not be used (lit) in a position adjacent to combustible materials including walls clad with vinyl siding, must be a minimum of 12 inches (30 cm) from all adjacent building elements including stucco clad walls and balcony railings, and BBQs shall be supervised always when lit.

3.       Small plastic planters and/or plastic plant boxes (neutral colour) (3 – 2 gallon pots in total) but require water trays under planters so excess water does not damage the deck flooring material or run onto decks/balconies below.

4.       Seasonal decorations can be displayed with the dates set out: Halloween decorations from October 1st to November 7th, Christmas decorations from November 1st to January 31st, Canada Day June 25th to July 5th. For all other occasions a request is to be submitted to Strata Council for approval.

Items that are not permitted and not limited to on decks and balconies:

1.       Screws, hooks, magnets, velcro, tape, hardware fixtures, or similar fasteners into common property.

2.       Planters are not permitted to be hung or attached to common property, including railings.

3.       Wood or pellet fueled barbeques, charcoal briquette, or smoker/cooker type units.

4.       Patio lights attached to railings, pillars or any common property.

5.       Indoor furniture, sound producing ornaments (i.e. wind chimes), exercise equipment, storage units or containers.

6.       Refuse, debris (includes garbage bags, containers, scrap wood), tool boxes, tires, tents.

7.       Attached sun shades or blinds (excluding Strata Council approved awnings)

8.       Writing, drawing, coloring and draping of any fabric or any textile on common property (i.e. Railing/glass).

Thank you for your continued support in preserving the appearance and integrity of The Peaks.
Sincerely,Strata NES2402 Corp (The Peaks)


The outdoor hot tub is reopen for use starting today, the indoor tub is still closed due to some repairs required.

We again are relying on owners and the guests to adhere to the “NEW POOL RULES – COVID-19” in order to maintain a safe place for all users. Please ensure everyone using your unit is aware of the rules.

Hot tub limit is 2 people or 1 family (immediate household), NO extended family or friends.

Use is first-come first-serve basis (no booking ahead of time), and please be courteous and keep your time to 30 minutes or less.

We are hoping the event from last weekend was a one-off event and we are able to provide this amenity for everyone to enjoy.

Stay safe, and thank you for your co-operation.