Reminder To Maintain Heat

Freezing temperatures have arrived once again, and with them we remind everyone of their responsibility to adequately heat their unit.  Failure to provide adequate heat can result in frozen/burst pipes and extensive damage to your unit, your neighbour’s units and common areas, and leave you financially responsible for the resulting losses and repair work.  Please take the time to consider and implement the following when your unit is vacant.

  1. Keep your PTAC unit on and switched to “heat” at a low temperature.  This unit is the primary source of heat for the central area of your unit so do not unplug it.  Some PTAC models have a freeze protection feature, but it is highly recommended you do not rely on this feature as an alternative to the unit being on and the thermostat set low.
  2. Keep all your electric baseboard heaters on and set low.  In the event of a PTAC failure (or vice-versa for that matter) having both systems on could prevent freezing temperatures, at least until the failure is discovered.  Turn the thermostat knob on each baseboard heater counter clockwise until it you feel it click (it has tripped on at current room temperature), then turn it back 1/8 to 1/4 turn to set it low.
  3. Have someone routinely check on your unit.  If you do not have a friend, neighbour or such who would do so there are paid services available in the area to do this.  Depending on your property insurance provider there will be a maximum number of days your unit can remain vacant without being checked.

Thank you for your diligence in keeping yourselves and your neighbours protected from the perils of frozen pipes!

Garage Door Replacement: November 22 & 23

Complete replacement of the parking garage door including the operator and access controls is scheduled for November 22 & 23.

For the duration of the work there will be restrictions on vehicles being able to enter and exit the parking garage.  If you may require use of your vehicle while the work is carried out it is highly recommended you remove it from the garage for the duration of the work.

The existing remote-control access system will be replaced by a keypad entry / automatic exit system.  Each unit will be provided a random 4-digit code for entry to the garage as well as entry through the front door of the building.  If you have provided us consent to deliver records to you via email, you will receive the new code along with instructions on using it by that method.  If you have not provided us consent to deliver records to you via email your code will be sent through regular mail to your residential address on record.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Be Aware of Conditions In The Parking Garages

Just a reminder that, with the arrival of snow and freeze-thaw conditions, the possibility exists that issues with water seepage into the parking garages may occur/return.

We recommend your take measures to protect anything you may be storing in the parking garage from exposure to moisture/water, in particular in the area along the foundation wall and about 5 feet back from it.

A permanent fix to this situation is a priority, but the solution is going to take some time to develop and implement.  In the meantime, to mitigate the issue we will continue to do our best to keep snow from accumulating on the ledge that is exposed around the perimeter of the buildings.

Remember, the parking garage is essentially no different than the unfinished basement or garage of any house.  Moisture, dirt, dust and exhaust fumes are not uncommon so use it with an appropriate level caution.

Thank your for your understanding!

Tree Removal Work

Today tree removal work is scheduled to take place on site, specifically in the area southeast of Birch building where a tree that has split up the middle of it’s trunk will be taken down.  Before making the decision to remove the tree, the condition of it was reviewed with a certified Arborist.  In addition, while the crew is on site with appropriate equipment they will remove a large branch/tree top that is tangled in a group of trees at the far west end of the property.  Work should take approximately 2 hours to complete.  We apologize for the short notice, we only received confirmation the work would be carried out this morning.