New Hot Tub Cover

A new hot tub cover has been installed on the outdoor hot tub. In order to ensure its longevity, we ask that you take care when moving the cover, and avoid dragging it across the rough surface of the pool deck. Thanks for your care and attention in this matter.

Hallway heat and fire alarms

With the cooler weather, Peaks staff will be starting the hallway and entryway heating units. Please be aware that due to dust build-up there can be a burning smell and this occasionally causes the fire alarms to sound.

Hunter Fire Alarm Systems will be onsite for the week to calibrate the system but it may take a few days to set up correctly.

Thanks for your understanding as we ready the buildings for the winter days ahead.

Hot Tubs Reopening

We will be opening both hot tubs on Saturday, September 19th.
The tubs will be open 12:00 pm (Noon) to 9:00 pm, with a maximum capacity of 2 people or one condo unit/ family per tub. Please be courteous and observe a 2 jet cycle (24 min) maximum time if someone is waiting.

Enjoy and be safe!

Fire Alarm Testing- Sept. 17, 2020

On Thursday, September 17, Hunter Fire Protection Services will be testing the fire alarm signal devices, with full alarms sounding. They will need to gain access to each residence to test the fire and signal devices, as required by BC fire code and the insurance underwriters. If you are not planning to be in your suite this day, please arrange with the caretaker, Michael, to provide access to your suite.

Saturday, September 19, Hunter Fire Protection Services will be conducting an inspection and test of the fire alarm system life-safety system in the buildings. All of the testing will be silent, beginning around 8:00 am.

Please be aware that there will be periods of time without fire detection. This should not be an indication to evacuate.

If you are home, it is important that you silence the in-suite buzzer when the signal begins.

Once again, this is a mandatory requirement by the fire commissions office, for the BC Fire Code.