Do you need to submit FORM K?

Are you renting your unit? If you are, whether it’s short-term (periods of 21 days or less) or long-term (periods greater than 21 days), a Form K – Notice of Tenants Responsibilities must be submitted to the Strata Corp.

If you are using the services of a property management company (such as High Country Vacation Rentals, Green Door Property Management or Rocky Mountain Properties), the management company is considered a Landlord and a Form K must be submitted to the Strata Corp completed with the information of the management entity.

In the event your Landlord and/or Tenancy changes a new Form K must be submitted.  If your Tenancy ends, we appreciate you letting us know so we can keep records up to date.  Number of units rented is a piece of information we are legally responsible to track and keep current.

You can find a PDF copy of FORM K in the Public Archive on our website and print it or download the file to fill it out and sign it as an electronic form.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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