Birch Garage Door – Need to hold down the Close button on the wall until the door is fully closed

Please be aware that the Birch Garage Door is malfunctioning and will ****NOT CLOSE AUTOMATICALLY******. You must hold down the close button on the wall until the door is completely down and closed.

Notices have been posted and Valley Hawk Security hired to assist on ensuring the Birch Garage door is closed during the night. They will continue to do this until the Birch Garage Door is fixed.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Do you need a new PTAC Unit?

Shift-Air Mechanical is coming down on next week either late Friday June 21 or early Saturday morning to install a new PTAC unit for another Peaks owner. He was able to secure two more units at a discounted price.

Please email the or if you are interested or want additional information.